Winners on long road trips.

be alert on long road tripsAlready media is highlighting who will lose out in the community with driverless vehicles. So instead, let’s look at who benefits from your road trip and why long distance drives assist many communities and keeps the economy turning around. Sometimes ‘petrolheads’ get a bad rap with their fuel guzzlers, pollution, roadways and parking lots, but those of you who enjoy long road trips are greatly contributing to communities especially in regional areas. Plus you make new friends, gain greater appreciation of lifestyles and learn more about the world around you.

sleeping-297048_1280Whether you are driving by yourselves, or with a group of friends or with a carclub, along the way accommodation has to be booked along with meals.No matter whether it is hotel, motel caravan, guesthouse, airbandb home, you will need a bed for the night. If you are camping, tents and gear need to be in good condition for safety and comfort: nothing worse than a leaking tent and a wet sleeping bag in a downpour. Museums, galleries, historic buildings or special community events may be visited with small admission fees. Cafes are needed en route for coffee stops and lunches. Even in remote landscapes, food is purchased for picnics. Community markets are explored and small items bought. It really can be trash and treasure time.

compressor-840706_1920You also keep many professionals in business who are associated with your vehicle to keep it running safely; insurance companies, auto mechanics, panel beaters, windscreen repairers, tyre suppliers, auto spare parts, road assistance crews. One would hope that your vehicle is in great condition and road worthiness so requiring little intervention but the unexpected does happen as well as wear and tear. I will not add traffic infringements costs to this list.

In today’s world there are still many choices for your type of vehicle and which best suits your style of long distance driving. Depending on your needs and personality, you could own a 4 WD, a campervan, a station wagon, a pick up truck or ute, a sedan, a classic or vintage car car. Car manufacturers are competing for future designs in electric and driverless cars, but there are still shiploads of contemporary vehicles waiting for new owners.

Often carclubs fundraise for charities on long distance drives and can garner extra social media and TV coverage for a particular cause. Motoring events such as long distance rallies also fundraise. For various examples around the world, click onto        Community groups can be invited to supply morning tea or lunches for carclub groups in a remote town, which boosts their coffers as well as forging friendships. A shared photograph does indeed say a thousand words. Also medical or educational supplies can be conveyed in the back of a car for a particular remote group with no easy access to fast electronic communication.

These are just a few reasons on how a long distance drive benefits various communities and businesses all over the world. So next time someone queries your choice of travel, you can rattle off  the winners. Now enjoy planning your next road trip or long distance motoring event.

Safe driving until next month.

About Jeanne Eve

Jeanne Eve lives in Australia and enjoys long distance driving to new places combined with her love of travel, writing, eating and fun company. In former times, she was a speech pathologist so appreciates the desire for good health and effective communication. She is married and has two daughters and two step-sons.

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