Take a long road trip and enhance your well-being.

take a road trip

take a road trip

Drive your favourite car on a long road trip and expand your sense of well being, joy and health.  A car is more than just a box on wheels to get you from A to B and a means of transport. It becomes your small temporary home on wheels to explore the world.  Careful planning and preparation are the secrets for successful road trips which you can enjoy either solo, with a partner, friend, loved one or family member. Even with a stranger, anybody. Drive to wherever you fancy; new cities, villages, parks, museums, mountains, seas, lakes or rivers. Maybe attend a musical or historical event, a parade or special celebration. The possibilities are many and only limited by your imagination. Let me explain further.

So you want to escape the crowds? Be an independent  traveller and hop into your car to explore the world in your own time with your own route and plans. Enjoy your precious holiday with no conforming to group meal times, arrivals and departures with constant security checks. Not be tied to emails and anxious world news. Not be surrounded by others coughing their germs into your space or buffet meal. Instead to have the freedom to linger in interesting places, chat to the locals, take that perfect photo, eat dessert, have fun and create memorable memories. This is what can happen in your own long distance road trip. Your adventure on wheels beckons. All it takes is some preparation then you are own your way to enhance your well-being.

Plan your own itinerary

The more you do, the more pleasure you’ll gain. Research your possible road routes. Here is short checklist:

  • Where is my destination? How many days on the road?
  • How far do I want to drive each day? Will I share the driving?
  • Which places have interesting stop-overs or places of interest?
  • Check accommodation. Vacancies?
  • Cafes en route or take picnic?
  • Allow extra time for any emergencies e.g. puncture, bad weather
  • Check the weather forecast
  • How reliable and prepared is your vehicle?
  • How prepared is your own health?

Allow time for flexibility

enjoy the open road

The best travel moments are those which arrive unexpectedly especially on a long distance drive. Maybe meeting someone in a cafe and continuing a fascinating conversation, discovering a new passion or hobby, finding that elusive objet d’art in a dusty shop, tasting the sun in exotic fruit, photographing the endangered flower, hearing the bird chorus, soaking up a glorious view when on the road, breathe in fresh crisp air. The opportunities are endless to capture and increase your moments of joy.

Open your mind to new strengths 

Travel broadens the mind. We all return home with memories, photographs, exchanged addresses, souvenirs. Sometimes blogs are created, personal diaries completed, memory discs crammed full. However how often do we stop and reflect on our new strengths gained on any road trip? Perhaps patience and quiet assertion are used with adverse situations such as poor road conditions, detours, mechanical breakdown, lost items, hunger. New diplomacy skills are developed with negotiations en route when arriving late after the restaurant kitchen is closed or finding a spare engine part or mechanic in town.  Tenacity and determination to find a place to sleep when reservations are lost or night descends. You never stop learning.

Be responsible for your own decisions and actions 

explore the open road and new vistasThere is a wise saying: Change the environment to change the attitude to change the behaviour.

There’s nothing like a short stint away from home, routine, work schedules, social media and other pressures  to freshen your mind and review attitudes and priorities. On the road you can enjoy favourite music in the car, have time to relax in wondrous locations. mull over issues and review priorities, have conversations with strangers, stimulate new senses and more. All these benefits to enhance your well-being from being inside a humble motor car on a well planned road trip. And those of your co-driver and  companions.


sun-flower-1195671_1920When the sun is shining, when you and your car are prepared, when you sit behind the wheel ready to go, the open road is truly seductive. So start planning your next holiday on wheels and enjoy your well earned holiday.


If you don’t believe me, discover why David Murdock enjoys driving and how it relaxes him over in the USA.http://www.gadsdentimes.com/news/20160731/david-murdock-on-driving

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Until next month, safe driving.




About Jeanne Eve

Jeanne Eve lives in Australia and enjoys long distance driving to new places combined with her love of travel, writing, eating and fun company. In former times, she was a speech pathologist so appreciates the desire for good health and effective communication. She is married and has two daughters and two step-sons.

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