Who’s driving long distances?

enjoy long distanced drivingWho’s on the road driving long distances for pleasure?

The young and restless? Retirees? Adventure seekers? Car club devotees? It is not restricted to any particular age range. Reliable Internet connections  are creating more opportunities everywhere.

Pinterest for ideas

To gain an appreciation of numbers, take a peek at any Pinterest topic such as Long Drive, Long Road Trips and you’ll find thousands of boards. From around the globe, there are route maps, places of interest, car safety, how to travel on the road solo, with loved one, with children, useful apps, how to modify vans, and many more. Set aside time as you’ll become absorbed by what’s on offer to browse and fire up your imagination.

Grey Nomads

Due to the current usage and popularity of social media , there are fewer older people with their experiences represented on Pinterest. However after a quick perusal of campervan sites, caravans on the road and cafes in scenic spots, it is obvious there are many Grey Nomads on the move. This is a friendly name for those retirees enjoying holiday time and opportunities for road exploration. In Australia they are found right around the country ‘following the sun’. For them, long distance driving on a long holiday has been on their wishlist for many years. I bet more Babyboomers will use social media in all its forms whilst  adventuring on wheels  in their retirement, becoming the new wave of Grey Nomads.

Adventure on Wheels

Adventurous types yearn for longer driving challenges and around the world there are a variety of long motor challenges and rallies on offer. Fundraising rallies are increasingly popular such as the Shitbox rally in Australia and New Zealand, the Mongol Rally and the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge to name a few, which cover thousands of kilometres across countries and continents.

On Road $$ income

Travel writers, bloggers and photographers are well placed to produce creative work using social media and websites whilst on the road. To be on a long distance driving holiday and earning an income sounds great. Opportunities abound and will increase as more nano satellites are launched providing greater access to the Internet around the world. The idea of running any  e-business when on wheels sounds most enticing. Imagine an ocean or mountain backdrop as your office, which you can change at your whim provided you have internet connection. As real estate increases in price, perhaps mobile homes will become more popular? Families with children can be home educated via the internet. All ages could become more mobile. Will climate changes and conflict zones be the impetus for more mobility in the future?

Car club tours

If you wish not to be fully independent, car clubs catering to  modern, classic or vintage vehicles have members who organize long distance tours. These are especially popular in the western world. How easy to have a fellow club member organizing a car tour with accommodation and scenic sights for you to join. No matter whether you are a frustrated mechanic at heart or a road warrior, you will find like-minded members within the eclectic carclub fraternity. Small group leaders can also find special places of interest not usually open to the public and can negotiate better accommodation group rates.

Fuel supplies on road

At present petrol and diesel driven cars have plentiful fuel supplies and vehicles are becoming more fuel efficient in engine designs. What will be the future fuel? One day electric cars will have longer lasting batteries with increased number of charging ‘fuel’ stops. But at the moment, electric cars are not appropriate for long distance driving. Maybe in future there will be solar and wind powered cars? Holiday destinations will be chosen carefully according to weather forecasts and seasonal changes.

Best time for a long road trip?

Today there is relative peace around the world to take a long road trip. Who knows what’s ahead? So grab the opportunity now to plan a long distance drive and explore your part of the world.There are many ways to be on the road and enjoy life no matter what your age or interest.

Until next month, safe driving.

About Jeanne Eve

Jeanne Eve lives in Australia and enjoys long distance driving to new places combined with her love of travel, writing, eating and fun company. In former times, she was a speech pathologist so appreciates the desire for good health and effective communication. She is married and has two daughters and two step-sons.

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