One of Jeanne Eve’s hobbies is to enjoy long distance driving. She has driven and / or navigated many thousands of miles in several countries with classic and vintageant motor cars. Jeanne EveShe lives in Sydney and has survived many long distance motoring trips with her husband in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, UK, Europe, eastern USA,  Middle East, the Baltic States and Scandinavia.



peking to paris motor challengeYes, there have been instant divorce moments but she managed to retain her sanity and lives happily ever after, even after divulging all in her self published book ‘Rallying in a Royal Rolls-Royce : Preparation, Pitfalls and Passion on the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge’ (1999).

To test the bonding of other couples and friends, she was co-organizer of a 3-month drive Around Australia for vintage and classic cars and still runs several shorter events for local car clubs in New South Wales.


long road trip around Australia

Road adventure ahead

Over the years, Jeanne has learnt how to minimize stress inside the car cabin and to enjoy motoring holidays. Also to hitch hike for petrol, smell an engine noise and pray for easy river crossings. Now she wants to encourage and invite all new long distance drivers to the world of life – long camaraderie and wondrous travel on wheels.


To discover hints and advice from others  visit   http://www.longdistancedriving.com/interviews-with-expert-tips/ A range of drivers give their top tips from their experience from holiday road trips or with their local car clubs or from competitive rallies and motor challenges. For more specific information such as successful navigation and driver teamwork, driver safety and comfort, how to stay awake, survival items for emergencies, avoiding wildlife at night and more,  visit  http://www.longdistancedriving.com/blog/

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  1. One of my favorite quotes is from Robert Louis Stevenson– “To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.” It seems Stevenson was expressing the same idea as the earlier Taoist saying – “The journey is the reward”. Does it apply to long distance driving? I like to think it does.

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