Inspire yourself for a long distance drive.

Best time to go long distance driving? You are never too old for a long distance driving trip. Do you often crave an escape from your hurly-burly of daily life and yearn to get away? Tweets and constant barrage of bad and sad world news getting you down? Want to be in charge again of […]

Bush road mechanics- when to whack the starter motor.

Will future cars require a specialized mechanic? Will we be leasing and not owning our vehicles? If something goes wrong, will we simply exchange our vehicle for another? Changes are ahead but today, if you go off road and into remote places without phone coverage, it is safer to have some mechanical knowledge of your […]

Road trip snoozes, signs and snakes

New road signs are appearing on Australian country roads especially for drowsy drivers searching for designated snooze areas. With a huge land mass and small population, long distance driving is second nature for most drivers with empty long roads along farming or natural bushland.  It’s easy to feel drowsy. However it only takes a few […]

3 easy safety tips for spare tyre, windscreen and headlights on long road trips

We all have our basic checklists for car preparation before a long road trip such as checking the tyres and filling the fuel tank but here are three simple, quick and overlooked tips to keep you safe on a long distance drive. Check the spare tyre pressure Often we take the spare wheel hidden in […]

10 point checklist to stay alert on a long road trip.

      Fatigue can be a killer on long distance driving trips. The common advice is to stop every few hours and have a short rest; walk around, stretch cramped muscles, re – focus your eyes and eat or drink a snack. However it does depend on your energy level, motivation to complete the […]

Who’s controlling your car in long distance driving?

Robotics and artificial intelligence are often mentioned in the news. Will robots take over from humans in self-driving cars? Robots can ‘talk’ to each other over networks with ‘cloud robotics’ so where does a human driver fit in with this scheme? Recently a car was on the news when the driver lost control of its steering […]

5 tips to reduce stress on long distance drives

    The purpose of this blog is to reduce stress in the cabin so that long distance driving is as relaxed, safe and fun as possible. See my earlier posts for a variety of topics. Let’s go through some of the general ways to keep angst to a minimum. These are some true and […]

6 tips for route instructions between navigator and driver in long distance driving

How effective is your communication between driver and passenger? When giving route instructions is the message clear and understood? Or is there misunderstanding with a sudden increase of stress in the car cabin? Do you let each other know that you have listened? When talking face- to- face such as at home, in the street, […]