Five tips for healthy long distance driving

What are  top five tips for staying healthy on long distance drives?   No matter whether you are driver or navigator, you need to be in top condition with; Good vision and eye protection No back, neck or shoulder  pain Alertness and quick reflexes Nutrition and hydration A spirit of enjoyment Vision and eye protection […]

5 tips to reduce stress on long distance drives

    The purpose of this blog is to reduce stress in the cabin so that long distance driving is as relaxed, safe and fun as possible. See my earlier posts for a variety of topics. Let’s go through some of the general ways to keep angst to a minimum. These are some true and […]

6 tips for route instructions between navigator and driver in long distance driving

How effective is your communication between driver and passenger? When giving route instructions is the message clear and understood? Or is there misunderstanding with a sudden increase of stress in the car cabin? Do you let each other know that you have listened? When talking face- to- face such as at home, in the street, […]

What is the difference between driver and navigator in long distance driving?

What are the different responsibilities held by the driver and navigator on a long distance driving trip? I remember a young schoolboy was accompanying his grand – dad driver on several days away with a car club tour. This lad thought he was simply on holiday surrounded by older people and be bored. He was […]

Who is your best driving partner on long drives?

Who is your best driving partner on long distance drives? Who do you want  sitting next to you in the front of your car on a long distance driving trip?  Who will be your driving partner? Husband, girlfriend, stranger, sibling, parent?As part of your preparation it is worth thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of […]

International long distance driving; Headlights, alcohol breath testkits, fire extinguishers and more.

Different countries have different rules when on the road. Do headlights need to be on in daytime? Do I need to carry two breathalyser test kits? What international stickers do I need to put on the car? Do I need to carry my car registration papers? Do I need an international driving licence? What personal […]

Be wheel wise on long distance drives

When you drive your car, do you know exactly where your wheels are placed? Near the kerb or too near the centre line? This will  depend on your habitual country of residence and whether you drive on the left or right side of the road. And whether you are driving in an unfamiliar country. About […]

What prompted your passion for long distance driving?

Can you remember the first time you were in control behind a wheel? The thrill of being independent,  the wind on your face and seeing the landscape slip by? For me it was when I visited the Beaulieu National Motor Museum, England as a twelve year old.  I was tall enough to ride the motorized […]