Inspire yourself for a long distance drive.

Best time to go long distance driving? You are never too old for a long distance driving trip. Do you often crave an escape from your hurly-burly of daily life and yearn to get away? Tweets and constant barrage of bad and sad world news getting you down? Want to be in charge again of […]

Five reasons to enjoy car club membership

 Do you want to join a car club?   Now that you own your special car, discover the benefits from joining a car club. There are thousands of them around the world looking for enthusiastic new members. They are all organized on a voluntary basis. Some clubs are specialized to one model of car, others […]

10 point checklist to stay alert on a long road trip.

      Fatigue can be a killer on long distance driving trips. The common advice is to stop every few hours and have a short rest; walk around, stretch cramped muscles, re – focus your eyes and eat or drink a snack. However it does depend on your energy level, motivation to complete the […]

Five tips for healthy long distance driving

What are  top five tips for staying healthy on long distance drives?   No matter whether you are driver or navigator, you need to be in top condition with; Good vision and eye protection No back, neck or shoulder  pain Alertness and quick reflexes Nutrition and hydration A spirit of enjoyment Vision and eye protection […]

International long distance driving; Headlights, alcohol breath testkits, fire extinguishers and more.

Different countries have different rules when on the road. Do headlights need to be on in daytime? Do I need to carry two breathalyser test kits? What international stickers do I need to put on the car? Do I need to carry my car registration papers? Do I need an international driving licence? What personal […]

Be wheel wise on long distance drives

When you drive your car, do you know exactly where your wheels are placed? Near the kerb or too near the centre line? This will  depend on your habitual country of residence and whether you drive on the left or right side of the road. And whether you are driving in an unfamiliar country. About […]