Thinking of entering a motor event?

Now it is time to think about entering some long distance driving events. Test your own driving skills after your hard work and money spent on vehicle preparation, choice of a driving companion, navigation expertise as well as travel details. It’s also a great way to explore a part of the world, have a holiday, create close friendships and enjoy a challenge.

Read on to discover a variety of events around the world, some more serious and competitive as a motor event than others. Some are highly organized whilst others are for your own route management. Some are for charity fund raising, others not.

Keep posted for more events to whet your appetite and plan ahead. If you’d rather sit back and learn, click onto the relevant event’s website to read their daily reports. Armchair travel is nearly as good as the real thing. At least one can imagine sitting in a car and vicariously enjoy the thrill and joy of long distance driving.

I’ve found that a year of planning for a long distance event is minimal—two years is preferable for full vehicle preparation plus one’s own health and physical prowess , mental focus as well as arranging domestic and work timetables.