Drive on the 2017 Shitbox Rally; a whacky motor challenge fundraising for cancer research

Don’t be misled or frown at the name: the 2017 Shitbox rally… a fun long distance drive to raise funds for cancer research.

shitbox rally logo

It is a motor challenge rather than a rally or competition raising funds for the Cancer Council of Australia. It is well organized and has been an annual event for the last seven year on different routes. And who of us has not seen a beloved one with cancer?  This event uses humour and fun to highlight a huge cause.

daffodil for hope

Daffodil for hope

Your shitbox on wheels must cost no more than $1000 and not be a 4WD. Only two competitors per car, be older than 18 years and camp at night whilst en route. The idea is to raise $4000 AUD per car entry, prior to the event, which this year is around May 27 – June 2 from Adelaide to Cairns.  Prizes will be awarded for whackiness, originality, imagination and fun and more.

For the second  time the Shitbox rally will be run in New Zealand, but this year in the South Island for seven days form February 25 to March 4.  Interested?

With a more months to prepare, have a look at which will be run in Australia, somewhere, in September 25-29,  2017.  Also a shitbox rally. With a long distance drive on a mystery route and mystery destination, you will really have to know how to navigate.

For background info, the Cancer Council of Australia raises funds for research in every type of cancer, is independent from the government and relies on community fundraising and some research grants. You have probably heard of their Daffodil days, Biggest Morning Teas, Pink Ribbon day, Girls Night In, Relay for Life.

The logo, a golden  daffodil symbolizes hope.

Wish this was on when I was younger! Instead I urge you to have fun, make new friends and do some community fund raising where you know how your dollars will be spent. Nothing beats the camaraderie forged on motor challenges.