2000 mile trips



John has always  enjoyed travelling in boats and cars  all around the world.  ‘Going local’ means he can explore more fully every location. After fifty years behind the wheel,  he’s still  driving and uses his business skills for well planned trips.

Experience level ( for long distance driving)
Long distance travelling for myself are journeys of 2000 miles or greater requiring a number of days to complete. I have completed a number these over the years throughout the world and all have been by my choice.

The countries I have driven in have been Australia, Europe, USA, and the UK, predominately and on a few occasions, Eastern Germany, Russia, East Africa (Kenya, Uganda) and Nigeria.

Why do you enjoy long distance driving?

My enjoyment in long distance driving is the freedom on being able to vary each journey at one’s whim, the challenges that arise along the way, detours, unplanned late arrival at destinations, “officialism” (border crossings, check points, military zones, etc) and the amazing people who assist with overcoming these obstacles, with a little “persuading” and understanding not to mention humour.

My prime reason for driving against flying is to enjoy and experience each place’s natural topography, fauna, wildlife and culture and customs. I call this experience “going local”.

What was your most enjoyable trip and why?


My most enjoyable was in 1999 when I drove with a friend, who had just finished his post graduate degree at Florida University, from Miami Florida on a zig zag route across the USA and up the Eastern side of the Rocky Mountain range onto Alaska via the Alaska Marine Highway  to Skagway and the Yukon, returning south via the Alaskan Highway again on a zig zag route across the top of Canada to Churchill (Polar bear country) on Hudson Bay before heading south back to Miami, via Winnipeg and Atlanta.


The trip was of 3 and half months duration and 16000 miles plus, (our rental car went to auction on its return because it had reached  its disposal mileage limit even though it was less than 4 months old).


Using the American Interstate Highway system is a long distance driver’s delight in my view and I enjoy this driving experience on a regular basis, having recently travelled the USA’s 2448 mile Mother Road – Route 66


There were none.

Best tips?

The best tip from my experience is to be flexible in the execution of a planned journey, allowing time to take in the unplanned and unexpected that will occur. With GPS assistance now, navigational challenges are minimal, and the drivers most used manoeuvre – the U turn – is extinct.



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