Mongol Rally

Eloise with team GotGas?! - Crossing a river in Mongolia

Eloise with team GotGas?! – Crossing a river in Mongolia

Experience level: Amateur

Age: Mid-20s

Career:  Engineer

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Why do you enjoy long distance driving?

You see sights not normally found, meet very interesting people, push your own comfort levels, get good at playing car games.

What was your most memorable trip and why?

The Mongol Rally in 2013 which was a 16,000km drive from the Czech Republic to Mongolia in a 1.2 litre Skoda crammed with four people and their stuff. We were camping a lot of the way. We were able to visit countries which were off the beaten tourist track and see the countryside which you can only get to in a car.


The highlight was Iran because of the unexpected countryside especially in the north and the incredibly friendly people who went out of the way to welcome us, finding out where we came from and where we were going.


The worst part was mild disagreements with team members in the car about which route to take or where to stay.

Best tips?

If you go cross country, don’t go in a car with low profile tyres ( less air in tyre for available rubber space as found in  sports cars for autobahns)).  You will easily puncture your tyres on rocks in low profile tyres.

Take small souvenirs to hand out along the route.

Be flexible to change your plans according to new knowledge gained enroute, so have no set route or timetable.

Have fun.

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