Peking to Paris



045Experience level: Expert with vintage cars

Age:   60-70’s

Career: Retired neurosurgeon


Why do you enjoy long distance driving?

I get to visit places I’ve never been before.

What was your most memorable trip and why?

The first time I drove on the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge in 1997 in a classic car because I went to countries that were untraversed for years in cars. Also I drove on some wildly dangerous roads such as the Friendship Pass in Tibet.


Breaking down on the Tibetan Plateau. The car was severely damaged and because it was long and heavy it was a huge challenge to extract it from the uninhabited  area we were in.


Same as above especially with the high altitude and subsequent breathing difficulties.

Best Tips?

Have a well – prepared car.

Don’t try to win, try to finish.You can’t win without finishing.




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