Know your vehicle


Screenshot Sky news

How often have you rented a vehicle, hopped in and immediately driven off and then wondered which is the switch for the windscreen wipers or the headlights? Yes I have done exactly that especially when picking up a rented vehicle at an airport and immediately rushed off for a lengthy drive into heavy traffic. Yes, I know the sensible thing is to check out the manual and all the switches before setting off. Yes, especially when getting off a long haul flight complete with jetlag. Instead I was relieved that all the necessary airport checks and security were over, my baggage was intact and I was free again to travel once more. Have car, will drive and off I go.

Now spare a thought for these two lads who were caught in a river in the Northern Territory of Australia in their 4 wheel drive.       click on

They had prepared for emergencies such as the location seeking device which was how the police found them. Or maybe it was supplied as a matter of course with the vehicle? But these two guys were not familiar with their vehicle and so not engaged their 4 – wheel drive mechanism for a rugged track which included river crossings.

A great example of ‘know your vehicle’ before  trouble finds you.

And  how to cross a river, which will be a future topic on my blog.