Saudi Women enjoy driving bumper cars

Many of us women in the world take hopping into our car and driving behind the steering wheel  for granted. With no obstacles to gaining a driving license after the relevant tests, we can  drive for pleasure and vacations, as a vocation or as a means of transport in daily life. It matters not at all, what gender we are.

saudi arabia mapThis is not the case in Saudi Arabia. I know firsthand how women are not allowed to drive when I was on a car rally which cut across a corner of Saudi Arabia from Oman to UAE. Only men were allowed behind the wheel so male passengers were begged and borrowed to swap cars and drive for the women. Most frustrating.

There has been agitation for Saudi women to drive but as yet it is still illegal. But women are now practicing on bumper cars on ‘Ladies only’ days without the hijab and abaya. Not the same as on the road or in a car simulator or even playing computer car games, but it is a start.

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