Want a mini robot for company on solo long drives?

kirobo-555_tcm-11-552234In future, we can expect little robots in our vehicle cup holders to keep us company when solo on long distance drives. Click on this article to explain how a mini robot can sit in your car and empathize with your vocal thoughts. At the moment it can only speak in Japanese and is designed by Toyota. Let’s hope what is said, stays in the car and not broadcast to another listening ear. Security is always an issue here as well as hackers. Plus the driver’s concentration not be compromised.


Now let me imagine–I’d like a mini robot to teach me gently a foreign language, tell me there is a great cafe with excellent coffee up ahead, stay calm when I swear at a passing unsafe driver, sing along and know the words to my favourite songs. Also to note where I put my car keys, sunglasses and mobile phone within my copious handbag. What are your wishes for a robotic companion?