I remember….

oldtimer in Italian alps

Here you can read about  long distant drives from decades ago and marvel at how car travel has changed. What will be the future?

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  1. I remember when I was very young we had an Austin Standard Tourer. Think the windows might have been plastic. We would leave Sydney at midnight and arrive at the sheep station on the NSW/QLD border fifteen hours later, stopping at likely looking logs for a cup of thermos tea and a pre packed sandwich. Hats off to my mum and dad for this effort with young children in the back.

    I remember when, first married, I came to live on a property west of Moree, NSW. The local roads were black soil and, when it rained, became a skating rink for vehicles. First trip to town I found myself sliding off the road, through the table drain and coming to rest against the neighbour’s fence. This was embarrassing.
    Subsequent trips in later years, when it was wet, always involved a couple of 360 degree unscheduled spins in the mud, car loaded with toddlers and shopping. Once, on the way home from school, we left the road, crossed the paddock and came to a gentle rest against a tree. My daughter didn’t pause in chattering about her school day, she had become so used to this mode of travel.

    I remember when our shire road was finally gravelled, what luxury to get the children to school and us to town, a big improvement for the district. However, after a flood, it takes a while to get the road repaired. Once we got some pre-schoolers to climb into a hole in the road and we could just see the tops of their heads!

    Recently, our son, just home from the Territory and heading to Sydney via home, rang on arrival in the suburbs. Gee, he said, its pretty closely settled here and the roads are really good!
    We won’t ever get bitumen here but gravel will do, still a bit tricky in places where the black soil has come through but it doesn’t rain that often either. Love life in the bush!

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