Oh-No! moments.

Can you recall your worst moments inside the car with your driver or navigator? Perhaps  you wanted to storm out of the car in fury, maybe from a navigation error? Or perhaps you heard a funny engine noise or smelt something very wrong and you didn’t know what to say to avoid instant alarm? We’ve all been there at some time.

Now read on for how others have found a way to diffuse those ‘Oh No! moments.

2 comments on “Oh-No! moments.

  1. Driving accross the old dirt Nullarbor of some 300 miles after a long period of rain. c1976?
    The hire car Ford Falcon stalled and my female passenger asked as I raised the bonnet – “Is everything alright?” I said “yes”. Then I dried the distributor and proceeded through long puddles of water at a slower speed! The road was graded lower than the surrounding desert.

  2. Approx 1985: My very first 4WD off-road expedition in an old (very old) Land Rover following a pack of other Landy’s up a steep hill climb, and the differential literally snapped. We got towed about 15km back to the main highway, then limped home in first gear at about 15km hour for well over a 100 kilometers (no way was the man of the day paying for a tow when the car still moved). Got home about 1am in the morning.

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