What’s that Noise? What’s that Smell?

Patty is a great communicator and is always smiling. These are her observations …………..


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When touring conversation becomes a little mundane and you are only getting grunts from No. 1 driver and chief mechanic, I can guarantee a ‘spirited’ response by uttering either of the above statements.

                          “What’s that noise”?

                          “What’s that smell”?

Here are various responses:

  • Sometimes  he answers indicating that he was aware of that particular problem but realized that it may be very expensive to fix so he has withheld the information for obvious reasons.
  • Another response is quite a positive one in that he indicates he was aware of the problem all along but does a double check with you to make sure your collective perceived symptoms are the same.boy-311484_1280
  • An interesting response is the one where it is obvious he hasn’t heard or smelt that problem before and cannot hear or smell anything at all on this occasion?


  • If the response you get is one full of technical information, which appears to be very complicated, and you are told not to worry about it, you can be fairly confident that he hasn’t got a clue what is wrong.
  • Sometimes he even smells or hears something, which was just thrown in for the purpose of conversation – this one is a real worry
  • Even more of a worry is, when the above problem is shared with another No. 1 driver and mechanic and the other mechanic says he has had the same problem.


  • The worst response is when you have to spend hours sitting in the car listening whilst No. 1 driver and mechanic rattles and bangs around with everything waiting for you to hear the same noise again.
  • tool-13548_640If you can’t agree on the type of noise or comparison of smells it sometimes results in a heated discussion. This usually ends up in silence again, which starts you wondering why you mentioned it in the first place.facial-expression-150906_1280

If all this sounds a little familiar, take heart! There is someone out there who really UNDERSTANDS.











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