Road trip snoozes, signs and snakes

New road signs are appearing on Australian country roads especially for drowsy drivers searching for designated snooze areas. With a huge land mass and small population, long distance driving is second nature for most drivers with empty long roads along farming or natural bushland.  It’s easy to feel drowsy. However it only takes a few […]

Winners on long road trips.

Already media is highlighting who will lose out in the community with driverless vehicles. So instead, let’s look at who benefits from your road trip and why long distance drives assist many communities and keeps the economy turning around. Sometimes ‘petrolheads’ get a bad rap with their fuel guzzlers, pollution, roadways and parking lots, but those of […]

3 easy safety tips for spare tyre, windscreen and headlights on long road trips

We all have our basic checklists for car preparation before a long road trip such as checking the tyres and filling the fuel tank but here are three simple, quick and overlooked tips to keep you safe on a long distance drive. Check the spare tyre pressure Often we take the spare wheel hidden in […]

10 point checklist to stay alert on a long road trip.

      Fatigue can be a killer on long distance driving trips. The common advice is to stop every few hours and have a short rest; walk around, stretch cramped muscles, re – focus your eyes and eat or drink a snack. However it does depend on your energy level, motivation to complete the […]

Five tips for healthy long distance driving

What are  top five tips for staying healthy on long distance drives?   No matter whether you are driver or navigator, you need to be in top condition with; Good vision and eye protection No back, neck or shoulder  pain Alertness and quick reflexes Nutrition and hydration A spirit of enjoyment Vision and eye protection […]

Is car colour a future safety feature on long distance drives?

Which is the safest colour for cars today; red, orange, green, blue, silver, yellow, pink? One need only think about the colour of high visibility vests, fog lights and Sydney Harbour water taxis for the answer. But will colour matter in the future  driver-less cars? Colours are used in advertising and have emotional responses. In […]

Lord Montagu, motoring enthusiast ( 1926-2015) and Vintage tyres

Vale:  Lord Edward Montagu   1926-2015 One of the world’s pioneering motoring enthusiast has died. The founder of the famous National  Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire, England died on August 31st. For most of his life, Lord Edward Montagu continued the motoring pioneer spirit of his father, John Montagu, who died when Edward was only two […]

Who’s controlling your car in long distance driving?

Robotics and artificial intelligence are often mentioned in the news. Will robots take over from humans in self-driving cars? Robots can ‘talk’ to each other over networks with ‘cloud robotics’ so where does a human driver fit in with this scheme? Recently a car was on the news when the driver lost control of its steering […]